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About Artifax

ArtifaxArt.com is the internet home of Artifax Art & Design. Joe Vissichelli started Artifax in 1980 after formative years as a graphic designer, illustrator and art director for publishing, advertising and printing. Located just outside New York City in Nassau County, the company provides advertising, marketing, identity and event services for corporate and small business clientele, including The NBA, Discovery Channel, NY Rangers, MetLife, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nassau Coliseum, Nissan, Citibank, Marriott, Johnson & Johnson, Goldman Sachs, Hilton Hotels, Polo-Ralph Lauren, and Bulgari. Artifax is the simple path to design that tells your market you’re special.

Its about standing out – looking impressive, attracting customers, projecting your value and spreading your message the best way. I make you look business-worthy.”

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